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Why buy a wall mounted electric fire from us?

by Chris Eltham

Why buy a wall mounted electric fire from us?

We thought we would give you are opinion on why you should purchase from us, most companies don`t offer these breakdowns but we feel that it can reassure our customers as to why we feel best suited to service your needs for your next wall fireplace.

1) We have been selling wall mounted electric fires since 2010 so have 8 years experience in the electric fire marketplace.

2) We are a Limited company (Exotic Products Limited), VAT registered, UK based and therefore can be trusted entirely.

3) We have a patented trademark which is TruFlame. All our wall hung electric fires have TruFlame technology.

4) The flame effects on our electric fires are considered to be the best and most realistic on the electric fire market.

5) We are on hand to answer all quesitons you have on our freephone 0800 072 8669 number.

6) You can also text me personally on 07875529463 for a quick reply, or email if you prefer.

7) We have Livehelp Chat enabled on the website for instant communication.

8) We ONLY sell wall mounted electric fires, we don`t have hundreds of other products and therefore can devote all our time to this product.

9) We have stock of all our electric fires, we don`t drop ship or order from other suppliers like most fireplace companies do, there is therefore no wait in receiving you order (unless the fire is on preorder).

10) We have a stable business model, stable suppliers and courier which we use, this is good for customers as it shows stability and consistency.

11) Our wall mounted fires are in our opinion (and of our customers) the best value for money on the electric fire market place.

12) We offer a 12mth standard warranty with all our electric fires - if anything goes wrong we will resolve all issues quickly and efficiently.

13) The above is where most other companies, especially high street stores go wrong, they don`t have the knowledge to resolve issue and often you are then stuck in a supply chain which can take weeks and months to resolve simple issues.

14) Even after the 12mth period if anything goes wrong with the wall hung electric fire we will always be on hand to resolve this.

15) We carry all spare parts for all our fires, past and present.

16) Our electric fires are quiet, they are silent on flame only mode and very quiet with their heaters on, they aren`t convector heaters, they are all fan driven but very quiet compared to some other wall mounted electric fires on the market.

17) We pride ourselves on being customer focused, successful businesses need this philosophy to become successful in our opinion.

18) We believe in a small product range, niche, sometimes websites can simply be too big, too confusing and too complicated. A simple approach is often the best.

19) Our new range of premium wall mounted electric fires we believe have set us apart from the rest, these fires specifically the 50 inch large wall mounted electric fires are very impressive indeed.

20) We aim to offer the best prices, service (pre and post sale) and products in this marketplace, which is a growing market as people move away from gas fires and the traditional electric fireplaces.

Many Thanks,

Chris - MD


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