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Choosing a Wall Mounted Electric Fire

Choosing a wall mounted electric fire

Which Wall mounted electric fire should i buy?

Electric Fires used to be inefficient and costly to run producing very little heat for the money, this is why the majority of 'older' house have gas installed for fireplaces. The world has moved and electric fires have evolved – they are now cheaper to run, more aesthetically pleasing and heat well. This article will look at the factors a consumer should consider before choosing one.


There is nothing quite like cozying up in front of a crackling fireplace on a cold winter's night. But have you ever priced out getting one installed? Luckily, homeowners can get all of the ambiance associated with a fireplace for a fraction of the cost, and none of the mess, with a modern electric fireplace. Here is how to choose an electric fireplace that will perfectly compliment your room and lifestyle.


Which style do you want?

There are many types of electric fires on the market from free standing ones, complete full sized electric fires with wood mantels. The most modern type are wall mounted electric fires, these mimic the idea of mounting a TV to the wall and actually hang off a bracket on the wall. This type can be beneficial as they can be moved from room to room very easily.

So the first question you must ask is what style will suit the room/house want want to put the fire in.


Where will the fire be located in the room?

The usual place is the focal point of the room, usually in the centre wall. This is where everyone`s eyes are usually drawn and where it will gain most impact. You can have corner fires but the range is more limited.


How big is the room and what purpose will the fire serrve?

You need to decide what power rating you will need the fire to be. This will depend on the size of the room and whether you are intending to use the fire for a decorative feature with occasional heating or an all in one heating appliance which will heat the room. Fires are available in several settings, some have switchable heat settings between 1kw, 2kw and some have flame only modes where no heat will be produced and only the flames will show. Talk to your electric fire retailer to decide which is best for your requirements.


Where to purchase?

You can purchase from high-street stores or large DIY stores but beware the prices they charge and the warranties will be highly vague. Purchasing from smaller retailers on the internet is more desirable and prices should be much more competitive. Do not be fooled, more expensive doesn't always mean better, it can just mean more overheads to cover!



Most electric fires will come with fitting instructions and all the fixtures and fittings required, make sure you check this before purchase. Fitting is more often than not a simple process and can be done by anyone with a small level of skill in DIY. If you are not comfortable to do this then an electrician will be able to install these for you and it shouldn't take long or cost a great deal 1-2 hours maximum. The power lead may require extending and may look better if this is hidden under some plastic cowling. Then switch it on and enjoy.

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