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Comparison to High Street Stores

TruFlame comparison to B&Q and other high street stores

How does Wall Mounted Electric Fires differ to high street stores?

You will find some wall mounted electric fires available on the high street from the nationwide stores. While these stores are good for some things we would always recommend buying a specialist product which is the centrepiece of a room from a specialist company.

We only sell wall mounted electric fires, we are experts in all aspects of them and if there are ever any issues with our fires we are on hand to resolve these quickly and efficiently and DIRECTLY with us, no middle men involved.

We have many customers who come to us with issues from fires they have purchased from high street stores asking us to help them fix the fires, or asking us to supply replacements.

We sell our own copyrighted TruFlame range which no one else does, the flame effect on all our fires is realistic, soothing and unique. The heaters are fan operated and quiet when compared to most other models available in the marketplace.

We are very price competitive as well due to our lower overhead costs.

We offer a 12 month warranty on all our fires and it`s with US - not a massive high street store that will tell you to contact the manufacturer and this will probably take months to resolve. We resolve anything and everything quickly and efficiently.

That's why you should choose Wall Mounted Electric Fires!

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