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End of the month and Payday!

by Chris Eltham

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End of the month summary both company and life!

We find ourselves at the end of April and what a mixed month it has been in terms or weather, news and sport!

We had a ridiculously hot few days in the middle of the month when everyone based in glorious sunshine and the BBQ's were dusted off and cleaned before being promptly put away again!

We noticed a huge drop in website visits to the wall mounted electric fire store during the hot spell, probably because it was so unseasonable, unexpected and most people knew it wasn`t going to last!

The visits soon increased again as the weather cooled off again and the wall mounted electric fire demand increased again!

Today upon taking my children to school i noted the termpature as 4 degrees, somewhat different than the mornings of 15 degrees in the middle of the month! The forecast ongoing isn`t brilliant so we may still need those electric fires on in the evening time for some time to come.

In the news we have seen the birth of a new Prince, congratulations to the Royals for that lovely news. North and South Korea have had historic meetings which can only be seen as superb news for the rest of the world, and in the footballing new Manchester City have won the premier league with Wolves getting promotion and Liverpool set for a Champions League Final, my own team Stoke City`s fortunes have been less than favourable and the next time i discuss the news our fate will have been sealed one way or the other.

Business this month has been pleasing, we have continued to provide a top level of service across our selling platforms and our wall mounted electric fires are being fantastically received as per usual - we received a feedback recently which we here at the wall mounted electric fire store were extremely pleased with.

A lady by the name of Bernadette Corrigan bought the 88 cm wide white curved glass TruFlame electric fire with side LEDs and pebbles on the 12th April and upon receiving it left the following feedback for us:

"Amazing! Still can't believe I got this beautiful multi-functional fire for such an unbelievably affordable price! Even more features than I expected! I love love love it! Absolutely recommend it! My previous wall fire cost 4 times more 9 years ago and pales in comparison. Thank you."

This feedback highlights the new features on the electric fires for 2018, namely the on screen display which has the following features:

- Time and Day shown on new onscreen menu

- Thermostatically controlled heating (15-30 degrees C).

- Timer setting (10 timers can be set - between 1minute to 23hours 50minutes).

- Heating setting shown (min, max or auto) on onscreen menu

- Flame Brightness shown (5 levels of brightness) on onscreen menu

Also, the price is mentioned. We have always taken the approach that we would prefer to market the fire competitively and sell more to the customer base as a way of doing business where everyone wins.

We compare our prices constantly not only to B&Q and other high street stores but to the small competitors who appear online trying to get on the band wagon with a small supply of fireplaces. We differ from these 'companies' as we only sell wall mounted electric fires, we are very niche and specialise in this area of the marketplace.; this enables us to provide the best service to the customer base who demand this product.

We hope you have all had a fruitful month and if you haven`t for whatever reason, remember time doesnt stop, and we hope the next month is better for you.


Chris - MD



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