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TruFlame Trademark Info

by Chris Eltham

TruFlame wall mounted electric fires

Our Trademarked Brand

We have seen some wall mounted electric fires appearing on the internet trying to depict out trademarked TruFlame by calling themselves GlowFlame or BrightFlame etc, this is a blatant attempt to mimic our Trademarked brand and we just wanted to point out to all our customers both past, present and future that we are the only company able to sell these wall mounted electric fire in the UK.

Our Trademark is registered with the Intellectual Property Office and can be seen on their website under Trademark number UK00003186491.

We pride ourselves here at the Wall Mounted Electric Fire Store for selling cutting edge electric fires, the most modern on the market and because that is our sole business we have total focus on the delivery of a fantastic product and service.

Here is a video of the TruFlame effect on our 72 inch wall mounted electric fire.

This is our PREMIUM fireplace and is beautiful to behold, the flame is mesmerizing and is as close to real flames as you could wish for.

Checkout the feedback on each of our wall hung electric fire product pages for further evidence of the quality of the fireplaces.

The feedback below is from the white 50 inch wide PREMIUM wall mounted electric fire, click on the feedback to be taken to the product page for this fireplace.

50 inch wide Wall mounted electric fire feedback

We felt it prudent to highlight the above information about our Trademark to our customers to ensure full disclosure of information during the buying process for your next wall mounted electric fire.

Many Thanks,

Chris - MD



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