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Wall Mounted Arched Glass Electric Fire Review

Wall Mounted Electric Fire Review

This article reviews our wall mounted electric fire with an arched glass front complete with pebble fuel effect.

We have been selling these fires for some time now and the feedback we receive is nothing short of staggering, people love them. They are quiet, heat well and the flame effect is realistic and very well received.

We will break this review down into several sections and then include product images, specifications and further information.

We have chosen one of the popular 88cm wide wall mounted electric fires to do this review on:

1) Design

The fires are 88cm wide, 56cm high and 13cm deep (6cm at glass edge), they have a metal construction unit with simple internals (for ease of maintenance) and glass fronts which are arched. The arched effect is aesthetically pleasing due to the fact that the fire appears to 'hug' the wall and until the fires follow the trend of TVs and become virtually flat against the wall this effect is very desirable and removes the 'box shape' often associated with wall mounted fires.

The pebbles are white in colour and sit on a small shelf behind the glass, they are very realistic and popular. We also sell fires with a log effect.

2) The Flame Effect

This is where so many fires are let down, a poor false looking flame effect can ruin a fire and make it look and feel cheap and tacky. Luckily these fires are anything but this.

The flame effect is produced by a spindle which turns the spindle has LEDS inside they produce the flame effect onto a perspex sheet which is matt on the back and polished on the front, when viewed from the front this creates a warming, hypnotic effect.

3) Noise

These fires are not noisy. Some make noises on flame only mode (no heat) and others are ridiculously noisy when the heaters are on.

These are silent on flame only mode, they do not make any noise at all.

When the heaters are on (two fans, 1kw or 2kw) they obviously aren't silent however they are not noisy, we have spent a lot of time comparing these with other models and they rank well.

4) Heating Capabilities

The simple test we conduct for this is to mount the fire in a dining room (15ft*10ft) and switch it on for 10 minutes on 2kw, close the door and re-enter. The room is very warm then, the heating capabilities of these units is considerable and due to them having three settings, namely, flame only,1kw or 2kw then they are considered very efficient as well, especially when compared with gas fire equivalents.

5) Fitment and Aftermarket care

The fires are very simple to fit, they come with the bracket, screws and raw plugs and full instructions. The bracket is attached to a wall and the fire is hung from that bracket, not a task which requires a great deal of work or indeed any mess.

One year warranties are provided with these fires and those warranties are with us, not the manufacturer. We hold considerable spare part stocks in case you require a spare motor/heater etc. There is a very low fail rate on these fires and we are always on hand to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.


- Two heat settings - 1000w or 2000w (adjustable on the top of the fire)

- 88cm Wide

- Flame only setting

- CE compliant

- Adjustable dimmer for flame

- Wall mounted with pebble effect (white colour)

- Bevel edge mirror glass front panel

- Safety thermal cut-off device

- Easy to fit - simply mount the bracket on the wall (few screws), then the fire slots onto this - really simple

- Space between the fire and the edge of the glass to put a plug socket to hide any wires

- Detailed fitting instructions with illustrations in manual

- 1 yr warranty

- Contemporary design


- Remote control including on/off,heat setting and dimmer

- Detailed Instruction Manual

- Wall mountings

Many Thanks for reading this review and if you have any questions at all then please feel free to email us:

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