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TruFlame Electric Fires up for sale at 61% discount prices

by John Doe

Electric Fire Sale

Yes, so hugely prices of TruFlame electric fires have been slashed like never before! So, if their high prices have been plaguing you so far, it is the right time to buy them. It is really a discount season from the largest electric fire store's end and this is going on as the winter is setting in.

Look into the design and features of the 140cm width black wall mounted electric fire.

Black wall mounted electric fire premium fire which can be inset or wall hung

One of the instances of unique electric fires and surrounds

Quick look at the features of this wall hung electric fire:

  • 55 inches wide (140cm) black glass
  • 3 colour LED Flame effect colours with 4 brightness levels
  • Heat coming out of the front of the fire blowing into the room.
  • This fire can be inserted into a wall so that it is totally flush to the wall.
  • Pebbles, Log fuel effect and clear crystals all included for the fire fuel effect
  • Remote and Touch panel control

This wall hung electric fire can add a huge amount of style to a large room, transforming it into a beautiful, contemporary centrepiece. So, if you want to replace your traditional fireplace and give your room ambience a gig, this one would be the right choice for it.

Usually, these TruFlame electric fires are priced £1,499.99, but this time flat 61% off is being offered on this original price, namely slashing £920.00! You can now buy TruFlame electric fires at £579.99. Visit:

View a video here to see flames of this electric fire:

3 colour LED Flame Effect

This premium unique fireplace comes with beautiful LED flames, there are three different colours to select from, all switchable via the remote control and also the touch panel on the front of the fire.

How does the heat come from this electric fire?

Heat comes from the front of the fire blowing into the room.

Wall mounted electric fire heat from the front

This fire offers that function with the heat exiting from the top middle of the fire front via several vents and is blown into the room. It helps when having things above the fire like TVs etc. It's ok to have the heat from the top and having a TV above but only with adequate space between the two - this fire needs no space between the two to function well.

Want more details of this 55inch wall hung electric fire? Visit the store of the largest wall mounted electric fires.


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