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by John Doe

Patented TruFlame wall hung fire discounts

How would you feel sitting down in a corner of a room on a cold winter night while having a fire blazing? This will be a wonderful feeling, maybe reading a book and sipping from a drink. An increasing number of people seem to be learning about these joys.

With time passing by, tastes of people have also been changing. Previously, most houses would once have had a fire of some sort, the rise of central heating seemed to send them out of fashion. They were seen as being old, quaint and lacking in efficiency when compared to the new solutions on offer.

Fireplaces were ripped out in properties up and down the country, with parts thrown into skips, never to be seen again. The time has changed, with bringing about a new context. People now rush to buy unique fireplaces and install them on the wall in a flush.

Much like clothing, this is interesting to see the ways in which fashions are evolving. What once required replacing is now found to represent all that is warm and cosy.

With this background in mind, you can now take a look at the emerging popularity of modern unique fireplaces.

discounted large white wall mounted electric fire

Modern electric fires

This 128cm wide white wall mounted electric fire can add a huge amount of style to a large room, creating a beautiful, contemporary centrepiece. So, those who have big spaces and are interested in bringing home the top of the line, latest tech enabled electric fires must consider it first. If this fire fails to grab their attention, no other fires of this size might likely be able to do so.

However, there are several other varieties of TruFlame electric fires.Visit Take for example of a 55inch black wall mounted electric fire, which comes with 3 colour flames and can be inserted with pebbles, logs and crystals.

Watch a video of the 140cm (55inch) width electric fire's flames.

TruFlame 55inch electric fire

These premium wall mounted electric fires come complete with an active touch screen control panel on the right hand side of the fire (as you look at it). This touch panel controls all the features of the fireplace and when inactive for a few seconds disappears. This is both in-keeping with current touch screen technology and also in line with the sleek features of a contemporary fire in that it disappears when inactive.

Do you want to buy unique fireplaces? How will it be if you find them up for sale at incredible discount prices? All the more, find these modern electric fires and surrounds to be chic and durable also.


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