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Modern electric fires for style addition to a room

by John Doe

In a bid to counter pollution and enhance a room ambience, modern electric fires have proven to be a second to none choice. They have almost replaced traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Designed so nicely, in various shapes and sizes and in multiple colours too, people are left with no other choices. Unlike wood fireplaces, they don't give out harmful gases nor do they take up a considerable area, which is one of ideal reasons to install these modern, stylish, and unique fireplaces.

Easy to install, these modern electric fires are designed to be installed on their own without any need to have surrounds, making your fire look modern, clean and stylish. Compare two room ambiences, with one having a wood fireplace and another with a modern fire. It can be said with conviction that the room that has installed modern electric fire would be looking nicer, as if it has added a style to the room in the contemporary backdrop. In addition, compared to the expenses of running a wood fireplace, the expenses are much lower for wall mounted electric fires.

See a wall mounted electric fire, currently up for sale at a 59% price off!

Large black truflame wall mounted electric fire

This is a 50inch wide modern electric fire, please visit : much larger yet occupying a decent space in a room and adding a grand style to a large room, creating a beautiful, contemporary centrepiece.

Watch out a video of this fire giving out LED flame effects:

In this video, you have seen multiple varieties of flame effects. They come with beautiful LED flames, and you will have three different colours to select from, all switchable via the remote control and also the touch panel on the front of the fire.

Users' comfort is taken care of in the design and making of these modern wall mounted electric fires. These fires come up with touch panel control feature and also remote control. Thermal safety cut-off device is a unique feature, because of which users don't need to worry about overheating neither of the room nor of the device. Owning them means comfort ensured. Plus, users become tension-free about pollution and combustibles.

So, when are you bringing these modern electric fires for your family or staffs? Remember that discount offer is here to stay for a limited time only.


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