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FAQ page on our wall hung electric fires

Wall Mounted Electric Fire FAQ

Hi - here are some of the most popular questions (and answers) we get asked about our wall mounted electric fires- this should make purchasing easier for our customers at wall mounted electric fires.

Q - Where does the heat come from?

A - The heat comes from the top of the fire angled into the room (not directly upwards) in most of the fires, except for the 36, 50 and 72 inch Black inset fires where it comes from the front.

Q - Can i have a TV or Painting above thes fires?

A - Yes - The heat does come out of the top of the fire but it is angled into the room and as long as there is a 6inch+ gap this application will be fine and we have had many customers using our fires for this: See the image below:

Q - Are these wall hung electric fires quiet?

A - Yes - silent on flame only mode, small noise on heat mode - you do not have to change the volume on the TV - we guarentee these fires are quiet.

Q - Can you have these electric fires on flame only mode i.e without the heat on?

A - Yes you can.

Q - Why are these wall mounted electric fires such good value? Are they graded or returns?

A - Nope - we are a 'direct from manufactuer' company and order via the container load - we have a narrow product range as we must order in bulk (600 fires per container) and therefore we can offer these unbeatable prices to you the customer.

Q - Do you have a shop I could visit?

A - No we are online only.

Q - Can these electric fires heat a room well?

A - Yes, we test this by putting our fire on in a 12*12 room and shutting the door - when we entered the room 10minutes later the room was considerably warmer.

Q - Whats the warranty period on the fires and how does it work?

A - We offer a 12mth warranty on all fires with us. Check out the aftersales guide page for full terms and conditions.

Q - What's your return policy for these wall hung fires?

A - Standard distance selling regulations as per every website out there - Check out the aftersales guide page for full terms and conditions.

Q - What`s a presale or preorder?

A - This is an advance order which we offer customers on stock in transit - usually new products. We tier the prices of these so that customers can get a huge saving on usual RRP in return for waiting a while for the product - we clearly state when the stock is due in and normally the presale starts 6-8 weeks before the stock is due into the UK.

Q - Where are you based and who are you?

A - Check out our About Us page at the following link:

Thanks for reading and if you have any other questions for us at wall mounted electric fires then please feel free to contact us via one of the above methods!

Chris - MD

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