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52% off on 50inch (128cm) width premium white wall mounted electric fire

by John Doe

TruFlame Wall mounted electric fire sale

Are you keen to buy a large electric wall mounted fire? Was it the price pulling you back every time you planned to buy one? If it were, it is now the high time for you to shop for them. The largest and exclusive electric fire store is offering huge discounts on large electric fires! Grab them early before this offer is gone!

Minimum 52% off on 50inch width white wall mounted electric fires Visit:, you can now bring them home. All they have about them unique are their modern design and looks you've been looking for, now harnessed with 6 side LEDs and 10 colour LED flame effects. Keeping in mind convenience of their users, they have brought forth remote and touch panel controls on these TruFlame Electric Fires.

50 inch wall mounted electirc fire with white glass

Turn your place elegant mounting this 50inch electric fire

Quick look at features of 50inch electric fire:

  • 50 inches wide white glass
  • 10 colour LED Flam effect colours with 4 brightness levels
  • 6 colours LED side lights
  • Pebbles, Log fuel effect and clear crystals all included for the fire fuel effect
  • Remote and Touch panel control

white wall mounted electric fire with side LEDs and truflame effect

The electric fires can also work without the LED lights on

This electric fire will add a huge amount of style to a large room, creating a beautiful, contemporary centrepiece. Owning a fire of this kind would give you a sense of pride because everybody whoever comes to your place would surely like it and enjoy the warmth and comfort it will be creating around where it is installed.

This 50inch white electric wall mounted fire is not priced a little bit higher than others not because of their large size but for their quality and total uniqueness.

See a video of this new fire features:

If you want to buy them, place your purchase order right away. Grab discount offers plus free home delivery of the product. The offer is valid for a limited time, soon to end.


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