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50% Discounts on Wall Mounted Electric Fires!

by John Doe

Wall Hung LED Electric fires

Winter is setting in and you may be yearning for a warm, cosy room. You know how indispensable a fireplace is during winter. It keeps your room warm and gives comfort from chilling, sometimes piercing cold. Previously, traditional fireplaces were very common, which now becomes misfit in modern homes and office places.

In their place, modern wall mounted electric fires have come, overtaking tastes and aestheticism of people. It is as if a surreal transition has come through.

These modern electric fires exactly befit contemporary concepts of home design- small, stylish and high-performing. This is what it epitomizes modern tastes and concepts of home furniture.

If you have a doubt a bit about the availability of such modern electric fires, then you might not have seen stocks of a Fire Store, offering myriad variety of TruFlame electric fires. Visit: Not only they would inspire you to think the world of their features and functionalities, you will also be amazed to see huge discounts on them.

See 2 unique modern electric fires being offered with over a 50% discount.

Large white glass truflame wall mounted electric fire

These 128cm (50inch) white wall mounted electric fires are new line of unique fireplaces and you can find nowhere else but on Wall Mounted Electric Fires Store. Currently, a discount of 50% off is going on, reducing its original price to $499.99 only! When you come to know of their features and functionalities fully, you can't stop from owning a piece of them for your home.

50 inch black glass fire which can be wall mounted or inset

This piece of 140cm wide wall mounted electric fire comes in black colour, with pebbles, log fuel effect, and clear crystals. This fire can be inserted into the wall so that it is totally flush to the wall. Find in these modern electric fires remote and touch control panel, indicating they take care of their users' comfort and convenience fully.

When it comes to making a comparison between modern wall mounted electric fires and traditional fireplaces, you will get to see the wall mounted electric fires take a little space to fit into, create no health hazards and look contemporary and suitable with the design and tastes of the modern home spaces. Top of all, they entail almost zero maintenance service.

Interested to bring a modern wall mounted electric fire to your home this season? Buy wall mounted electric fires now from a very popular, reliable online Wall Mounted Electric Firestore at incredible discount prices than ever before.


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