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4 reasons to bring in wall mounted electric fires this festive season

by John Doe

Each festive season arrives with a host of new offers. This time is no exception too. Be witness to an excellent range of modern electric fires, from flat to arched shapes to white and black colours. All of them are up for you for sale at incredible offer prices like never before.

This could be a great opportunity for all of you to shop for modern electric fires and install them in your place by replacing your old, traditional fireplaces now. With their current offer prices, it's like - if not now, your plan to own an electric fire to go in limbo for good! On the contrary, if you bring them home, this will give burns to your neighbourhoods.

  • 1.Reduced price
  • 2.A wide variety of electric fire choices
  • 3.Noise-free and pollution-controlled
  • 4.No surrounds (clutter-free) and stylish

See a large wall mounted electric fire in this picture below:

large 50 inch white wall hung electric fire

Unlike traditional fires, modern electric fires and surrounds are absolutely clutter-free. Visit: They just take up a television size space, often capable of being installed below a television on the wall, which means it's incredibly space-saving and maintains the beauty of a room. See the rectangular 128cm wide electric fire inside a room in the above picture.

Usually highly priced throughout a year, modern electric fires on a leading wall mounted electric fire store are now up for grabs at unbelievable cheap rates. As much as confident of cheap prices of their products, they challenge you to compare them with others'! Take for example of the price of this 50inch wide large premium white electric fire, which is now available at a price of £529.00, which means £470.00 lower than their original price.

Important features of a 50inch wide modern electric fire:

  • 10 colour LED Flam effect colours with 4 brightness levels
  • 6 colours LED side lights
  • Pebbles, Log fuel effect and clear crystals all included for the fire fuel effect
  • Remote and Touch panel control

Watch out a video here to know how this excellent modern electric fire looks like:

There are many more similar unique, large electric fires, up for grabs at incredible discount prices. One of them is premium 50inch black wall mounted electric fire. See it below in a picture.

large 50 inch black wall hung electric fire

Regular priced £1,499.99, these modern electric fires are now being offered at £609.99, a flat 59% off! This is a short-time, festive season offer.

Key takeaways of these electric fires:

  • 3 colour LED Flame effect colours with 4 brightness levels
  • Heat coming out of the front of the fire blowing into the room.
  • This fire can be inserted into a wall so that it is totally flush to the wall.
  • Pebbles, Log fuel effect and clear crystals all included for the fire fuel effect
  • Remote and Touch panel control

Here is a video showing features of this new fire:

Isn't it nice looking? What do you think how they will look when installed in your room? Interestingly, they are easy to install, almost requiring a minimum DIY skill. Buyers can call in service professionals who will be ready always to serve you in response to your call and in their obligation to give you satisfaction.

For more details, log on the site of this premier wall mounted electric fire store.


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