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by John Doe

Cold wind is freezing. Unless pressed by work or to bring in foods or any such necessary things to do, people would prefer staying inside their closed room to challenging cold weather. In such a freezing cold, a warmth cosy room will be highly demanding. Does your room give a warm cosy feel during these days?

You can say confidently of your room giving ample air of cosiness and warmth when you have a wall mounted electric fire installed inside your room. Those who have those traditional wood fireplaces with huge surrounds may give you mixed story about their feeling of staying inside their rooms during such a weather. Many a times, people are seen repining at the disadvantages of traditional wood fires and surrounds, especially when they compare theirs with modern electric fires and surrounds. Visit:

Advantages of getting TruFlame electric fires:

  • Designed contemporarily
  • Strong heating technology
  • Heat timer to allow settings between 30mins and 7.5hrs
  • Flame only setting and LED lights
  • Safety thermal cut-off device
  • Remote and touch control panel systems
  • Easy-to-install and minimum maintenance
  • Requires minimum space for installation on the wall (almost a television size)

Want to buy TruFlame electric fires? It's the right time to bring in home a set of them. Flat 10% discount is being offered now on new premium electric fires of 50inch width. Available in two popular colours like black and white, they can suit wall colours of your rooms. Choose them as you like.

Before that, take an elaborate look into those modern wall mounted electric fires.

10 colour flames and side LEDs (pebbles, logs and crystals), these modern wall mounted electric fires feature all the contemporary fire solutions which you will require.

White large wall mounted large electric fires

The electric fires have LEDs which produce six - yes 6 - different colours to choose from (the colours do not cycle you select which you want and it stays on). Note that these modern electric fires can also work without the LED lights on.

This is a 50inch black wall mounted electric fire. See features of this fire to know how it can make your room exquisite and cosy.

wall mounted black large electric fire

This fire offers an excellent heat exiting function. Heat comes from the top middle of the fire front via several vents and is blown into the room. It helps when having things above the fire like TVs etc. It's ok to have the heat from the top and having a TV above but only with adequate space between the two - this fire needs no space between the two to function well.

If you're interested to buy modern wall mounted electric fires, you should first look around a leading electric fire store which keeps a wide variety of electric fires on display. Shop with this store now, because a few electric fires are up for sale currently on this off-price fire store.


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