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Why Choose The Wall Mounted Electric Fire Store

by Chris Eltham

Why Buy From The Wall Mounted Electric Fire Store?

Recently we have noticed some other companies selling similar wall mounted electric fires as we do. We wanted to discuss these briefly and highlight some of the main reasons and advantages in selecting us as your wall mounted fireplace supplier.

Firstly, we are the only company to supply TruFlame, this is our registered Trademark for the flame effect on all our fireplaces.

The flame effect is considered by our customers to be the most realistic they have ever seen when comparing to either gas or natural fires.

The flame is patented and produced via LEDs which simulate a realistic flame superbly well. The competitors fireplaces don`t have TruFlame and the effects are quite simply not as good.

There are numerous places over the internet that companies sell these fires, some are replicas of our fireplaces with inferior build quality and parts so please be very careful, we only sell wall mounted electric fires, its our family business and we have been doing it for many years, we have extensive knowledge of not only the marketplace but of each part of every electric fire we sell.

Take a quick look at the video below which shows the TruFlame effect:

As you can see the flame effect flickers, jumps around and looks spectacular. The wall hung electric fire is completely silent when on flame only mode, so you can have this on in your living room in the evening with zero noise and relax with the tranquil flames flickering away.

We know our electric fires inside out, we know every part and function. The above fireplace can be inset into a cavity space or a custom made MDF unit for a totally flush fitment. See the image below supplied by one of our customer for the stunning look which can be created, and it`s not too tricky to achieve or expensive either.

Inset flush wall mounted electric fire

Inset wall mounted electric fire

As you can see the effect is stunning, totally modern looking, it doesn`t take up much space and infact will save space overall in the room due to the TV, etc being hidden away.

We have all the information and diagrams on how to inset this modern wall mounted electric fire into a space such as this.

Don`t be fooled by some other companies, websites etc which offer a huge product range, most of the fireplaces they sell they don`t stock, so you will be in a supply chain which could take weeks and weeks, or maybe months before you get your new electric fire. All our wall mounted electric fires are in stock unless its clearly stated on the product page (at the top) that they are on a discounted preorder, where you can order in advance and save a considerable amount of money.

Owing to our specific, narrow product range not only do we know each fire back to front, we can offer the best advice to you the customer as to which product will best serve your needs, call our dedicated customer service number on 0800 072 8669 between 9-5 Monday to Friday, if they are away from the phone please leave a voicemail and we will get back to you that very same day, feel free to call over the weekend and leave a message too and we will get back to you on Monday.

We also offer the normal email route for communications - info@wallmounted-electricfires.co.uk and you can also text me personally on my own mobile, 07875529463 with any queries and i myself will get back to you as soon as i can.

We like to feel our service both pre and post sale is on a friendly, personal level, the old school way of doing business, rather than robotic 'press 1 for sales' approach, where you feel that the person at the end of the phone is thinking about what they want for their dinner rather than trying to help you, the customer out with your questions and queries

In this competitive world that we live in, no matter what your line of business we feel there are several key factors which we try and adopt to the letter which we hope would entice customers to purchase their new wall mounted electric fire from us those being:

- Friendly Customer Facing, honest approach

- Cutting edge, innovative, patented products

- Narrow, precise, customer focused product range

- Competitive pricing and value for money

- A strong after-sales service to follow up on any issue in the sales process

We find that from our feedback we are doing a good job (feedback is available on each product page) and it fills me with pride each time we hear from another happy customer.

Many Thanks,

Chris - MD



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