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Why Buy From Us?

by Chris Eltham

Why Choose Us To Buy Your Wall Mounted Electric Fire From?

Only TruFlame supplier!

As with any market there appears to be some new 'suppliers' of electric wall mounted fires popping up on different selling platforms at the moment, some have seen our premium range and are now importing inferior copied versions of our wall mounted electric fires.

The difficulty with the internet is that a lot of people are draw by price, this is because quality is hard to judge when you are basing that on a few images or videos. This is why we write these articles to explain why we do honestly believe that our experience and expertise as well as superior products are a differentiating factor when comparing ourselves to the competition.

There appears to be a few types of competition in the fireplace market:

1) Larger wholesale driven electric fire online retailers

These companies often just sell via websites - they have pages and pages of products - they hold no stock and order directly from a variety of manufacturers, some in the UK, some abroad - with long lead times of several weeks to months - these companies could be referred to as drop shippers. When looking at their websites we feel confused by the vast choice, sometimes too much choice is a bad thing.

Our approach is to be very specific, niche if you will. A more narrow product range but one which caters for all our customers needs. Whether it be a large premium wall mounted electric fire or a smaller wall hung fire, pebbles, logs or crystals or a combination of all three - we have the fire for you.

A simple to use website with easy to decipher categories and detailed product pages make selecting your electric wall mounted fire a simple process.

2) High Street Stores

The likes of B&Q, Homebase, Argos etc do sell a range of these wall hung electric fires, however these are peripheral products to them, they have little to no knowledge of the wall fire - in our opinion their range is poor and the flame equality as well as noise level from the fires is sub standard - this has been verified by some of the feedback we have received from our own customers when comparing our wall mounted electric fires to previous ones bought from these sorts of supplier.

Our company only sells wall mounted electric fires - its all we do - as a family run business we pride ourselves in having the knowledge and experience to provide the best advice when choosing your next electric wall mounted fire. We also are totally customer focused on every aspect of the sales process, take a wall fire back to B&Q after 6 months and i really don`t know what their approach would be - we have a 12month warranty on all our wall electric fires and thats with us, not with a manufacturer but with ourselves.

3) Online Pirates

We call these types of 'company' pirates, that`s because they often sell a multitude of products and they see another product selling quite well and they order a quick container of that product from the cheapest place they can find, as long as the product 'looks similar'. You often find these types of seller on Ebay, we have experienced one recently who had actually copied our information and were selling as TruFlame products - this was dealt with appropriately.

These companies have zero knowledge of the product, they have no experience and just set their price below ours (and other genuine sellers) to try and grab some of the market.

Beware of these companies.

Your wall mounted electric fire isn`t a set of cups hidden away in the cupboard, it`s the centerpiece to your room, something to be proud of and something that every guest will see when they enter the room. You don`t want it to be poor quality.

The old adage says 'you get what you pay for' and when speaking of these types of seller it`s true. We certainly aren`t the most expensive retailer on the market for wall mounted electric fires but with some products we aren`t the cheapest - and there's a reason for that.

When i started the business i had a philosophy:

1) Importing the best wall mounted electric fires

2) Selling a specific set of electric fires which in their combination would fit all customers needs

3) Competitive pricing

4) Easy to use website

5) As much customer interaction as possible in the selling process, namely images and videos

6) A Friendly customer driven customer service

7) Superb Sales process from initial enquiry to aftercare support

8) Continued innovation with new electric fires

We try to abide by those principles every day in business and we hope this brief overview of our business ethos again instills confidence in us as a company.


Chris - MD



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