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Two New Wall Mounted Electric Fires Coming Soon.....

by Chris Eltham

Two New Wall Mounted Electric Fires Coming Soon.....

Two Premium Wall Hung Electric Fireplaces coming soon

Today we received the samples of two new model wall mounted electric fires, and we were overwhelmed by the shear quality of both products.

We are in negotiations with our supplier to secure an order of these two fireplaces which will be sold EXCLUSIVELY by ourselves! That`s correct, we, the Wall Mounted Electric Firestore will be the only supplier of these two wall mounted electric fires in the UK.

We won`t be releasing too much information at the moment until the deal is finalised and the fireplaces are en route, then we will be offering a presale on these two new cutting edge products.

Product one is going to be one of our flagship wall mounted electric fires, it`s different than any of the other fireplaces we currently sell. It`s a large wall mounted electric fire packed full of features, it will sit size wise between the 50 and 72 inch electric wall fires.

Product two is also a premium fireplace but it is a smaller variety, aimed at those with smaller room sizes but who want to have that cutting edge technology and modern, contemporary look but don`t have space for a 36, 50 or 72 inch fireplace.

We will be bringing you more information over the coming weeks along with images, teasers, videos and of course the famous presale where you can preorder your new wall mounted electric fire and indeed be the first people in the UK with one of these two new products!

Many Thanks,

Chris - MD



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