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50 Inch Black PREMIUM Wall mounted electric fire - 1 LEFT IN STOCK

by Chris Eltham

50 Inch Black PREMIUM Wall mounted electric fire


We are informing customers to move quickly to secure this fireplace! We only have one left in stock as of 5pm on the 11th April 2018!

The price of the wall mounted fire is changing at midnight tonight as well!

Please order quickly to secure this beautiful fire. We will be having a presale on the next order which will be arriving approx 25th May 2018!

Please find some information below on this fire, click on the images to be taken to the wall mounted electric fires product page.

Large Width Premium Wall Mounted Electric Fire!

We are proud to announce the release of this premium product to our wall mounted fire range. We have assessed the UK market and seen that there are no larger width fires for sale, we contacted our supplier and discussed and this is the result. A fire which is 50 inches wide, that's 127cm. Our previous biggest was 88cm wide. This will add a huge amount of style to a large room, creating a beautiful, contemporary centrepiece.

The fire is obviously priced higher than our others in the range due to not only its quality and size but total uniqueness. The fire has every feature you could imagine, the main ones are highlighted below in subsections of this product breakdown:

- 50 inches wide black glass

- 3 colour LED Flame effect colours with 4 brightness levels

- Heat coming out of the front of the fire blowing into the room.

- This fire can be inserted into a wall so that it is totally flush to the wall.

- Pebbles, Log fuel effect and clear crystals all included for the fire fuel effect

- Remote and Touch panel control

Here is a video of the new fires features

3 Colour LED Flame Effect!

This premium fireplace comes with beautiful LED flames, there are three different colours to select from, all switchable via the remote control and also the touch panel on the front of the fire, the colours are shown below (with the crystals as the fuel effect installed):

50inch Black Wall Mounted Electric Fire with 3 colour Flames Orange Flames

50inch Black Wall Mounted Electric Fire with 3 colour Flames blue flames

50inch Black Wall Mounted Electric Fire with 3 colour Flames purple flames

Here is another video below showing the flames in the dark:

Touch Panel Control Feature!

These premium wall mounted electric fires come complete with an active touch screen control panel on the right hand side of the fire (as you look at it). This touch panel controls all the features of the fireplace and when inactive for a few seconds disappears. This is both in-keeping with current touch screen technology and also in line with the sleek features of a contempory fire in that it disappears when inactive. The features of the touch panel can be seen below in the video.

The fire also comes with a remote control shown below:

50inch Black Wall Mounted Electric Fire with 3 colour Flames remote

Heat comes from the front of the fire blowing into the room!

We have been asked by some customers to provide a fire where the heat doesn't come from the top. This fire offers that function with the heat exiting from the top middle of the fire front via several vents and is blown into the room. This helps when having things above the fire like TVs etc. Its ok to have the heat from the top and having a TV above but only with adequate space between the two - this fire needs no space between the two to function well.

The edited image below shows where the heat exits the fire.

50inch Black Wall Mounted Electric Fire with 3 colour Flames heat direction

We are the only company in the world to be selling these 2017 model wall mounted electric fires!

This Fire can be mounted flush to the wall!

We get asked whether fires can be totally flush mounted inside a cavity hole into a wall. This electric fire can be. Obviously there is more work involved in mounting the electric fire like this than via the simple wall bracket but the look would be superb. Detailed instructions are provided on how to do this and how big a hole to create and any good handyman should be able to conduct this task.

The dimensions of the fire are shown below as well as the insert hole dimensions required for flush fitment.

50inch Black Wall Mounted Electric Fire with 3 colour Flames dimensions

TruFlame Wall Mounted Electric Fire Specifications

- Two heat settings - 750w or 1500w (adjustable on the touch screen panel on the fire and on the remote)

- Heat timer to allow settings between 30 minutes and 7.5 hours (in 30 minute intervals)

- Large Width Wall Fire: Size 128.0 (Width) 54.4 (Height) 14.0 (Depth) (all in cm)

- Black Tempered Glass

- Touch Panel control on the fire which goes out after use

- Remote controlled

- 3 Different LED Flame colours to select from

- Four levels of LED flame brightness

- Flame only setting via LEDs never need to change a bulb (no heat)

- Heat flows from the front of the fire and into the room

- Capability to not only be wall mounted via the bracket but to be inserted into a wall and flush mounted

- CE compliant

- Wall mounted electric fire with log effect, pebble effect and crystals all included in the box

- Bevel edge black glass front panel

- Safety thermal cut-off device (to prevent overheating)

- Easy to fit - simply mount the bracket on the wall (few screws), then the fire slots onto this - really simple or can be inserted into a hole for flush mounting

- Space between the fire and the edge of the glass to put a plug socket to hide any wires

- Detailed fitting instructions with illustrations in manual

- 1 yr no quibble warranty (with ourselves)

- Contemporary design

- No one else sells these sized fires in the UK

Many Thanks

Chris - MD



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